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1st Brunel Cadaveric Hand & Wrist Surgery Course – July 2019

Table of Contents

Thank you to Raj Bhatia, Neil Blewitt and LEDA for the invitation to teach on the 1st LEDA Brunel Cadaveric Surgery Course in Bristol. The select topics covered included the Geminus wrist plate, the Touch CMC joint replacement and approaches to scaphoid fixation.

1st Brunel Hand & Wrist Surgery Course

Wednesday 3rd July 2019
Vesalius Clinical Training Unit

Course Chairmen: Raj Bhatia & Neil Blewitt
Faculty: Alistair Jepson, Andy Hacker, Eliot Sorene

Arrivals / Tea & Coffee / Intro

Session One – Distal Radius
Geminus Distal Radius Tips & Tricks                                      AJ/AH
Geminus Cadaveric Session                                                    All


Session Two – Thumb Replacement – GROUP SESSION
Touch CMCJ Approach & Technique                                      RB/NB
Touch CMCJ Cadaveric Group Session                                   All

Tea & Coffee

Session Three – The Scaphoid
Scaphoid Fracture Fixation Pearls of Wisdom                        ES
Scaphoid Cadaveric Session                                                    All

Meeting Close